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Adolescent Gynecology Specialist

Francine A. Olds, MD, FACOG -  - Gynecologist

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Francine A. Olds, MD, FACOG

Gynecologist located in Virginia Beach, VA

As girls transition into womanhood, they experience a changing set of health needs. Adolescent gynecology provides an introduction into women’s health, and Francine Olds, MD, of Women's Health Choice in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has an outstanding rapport with the teens and mothers who entrust her with these special needs. If it’s time for your daughter to develop a relationship with a trusted gynecologist, call the office, or visit the online scheduling tool today to set up your visit.

Adolescent Gynecology Q & A

What kind of services are available under adolescent gynecology?

Adolescence is a time of transition for young women, and their bodies and minds are developing at an astounding rate. This is the perfect time to begin working with a trusted gynecologist. 

For most girls, these early visits are an opportunity to get to know Dr. Olds and build a bond. Teens are encouraged to ask questions or express concerns about their health and wellness. Moms are more than welcome to attend these visits, or they can be performed one-on-one if preferred. 

Some girls come in with a specific set of needs. Some of the services available during adolescent gynecology visits include:

  • Amenorrhea (lack of a period)
  • Abnormally heavy or irregular periods
  • Vaginal infections
  • Hirsutism (excess unwanted hair growth)
  • Chronic vaginal discharge
  • Congenital reproductive abnormalities

Even if your daughter does not need any form of screening or treatment, coming in for adolescent gynecology visits is a great way to establish a positive view of gynecologic care. 

Are birth control services offered during adolescent gynecology visits?

Dr. Olds is always happy to discuss birth control options with patients of all ages. There are so many contraceptive options available it can feel overwhelming, especially to a young woman who is unaccustomed to making these kinds of health decisions. 

Many adolescents rely on birth control to regulate their periods. Abnormal bleeding is quite common in the years following puberty when hormones are raging and have not yet achieved the optimal balance. Many parents choose to introduce their daughters to birth control options well in advance of sexual activity, so girls are informed about their options or already protected when the time comes. 

When should I bring my daughter in for adolescent gynecology care?

Though most young women won’t need to begin having pelvic exams or Pap smear testing prior to the age of 21, it’s a good idea to begin working with a gynecologist around the age of 15. This allows your daughter to get to know Dr. Olds and become familiar with the office and staff. 

Dr. Olds understands the importance of these early visits. She makes every effort to put young women at ease and to answer their questions without judgment. These early interactions can shape the way a young woman views gynecology, which can shape her approach to routine well-woman exams for the rest of her life. 

When you’re ready, call the office to set up an appointment. Online scheduling is also available and allows you to book from home any time of day or night.x